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The purpose of the Ingalls Worksite Wellness and Prevention programs is to help you, the employer, identify and reduce health risks before they result in costly claims. Our team of physicians, nurses and support staff stand ready to educate and care for your employees. Trust the program with the resources and capabilities to safeguard your personnel.

Worksite Wellness

Quality worksite wellness care begins with identifying risky behavior or existing conditions before they result in lost time or expensive treatment. Ingalls provides a variety of on-site low or no-cost options to help you maintain a healthy workforce.

Our Core Wellness Package includes a Personal Health Risk Assessment questionnaire to be completed by the employees that focuses on four main areas of risk: heart, stroke, sleep and diabetes. The confidential health and lifestyle survey takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. There is no cost for this program if you meet the minimum participation level. If less than 30-40 participants, there is a $200 on-site fee. Materials in Spanish are available.

In addition to the survey, the initial Health Risk Assessment includes blood pressure tests, body mass index calculations and waist and neck measurements. In conjunction with the questionnaires, the results help identify those employees with three or more risk factors who will need additional no-cost blood tests to determine cholesterol and glucose levels. Employees who have been identified as at risk are notified by mail to report to an Ingalls Family Care Center where the blood draws are performed.

After the initial screening and/or subsequent blood tests, employees receive a personalized report detailing the results of their screening. The confidential report is mailed to each employee's residence.

Employers receive a Group Health Report that provides a snapshot of their workforce, any current health risks or health trends and suggestions to better manage healthcare costs.

Employees also have the option of scheduling a phone consultation to discuss their personal results as part of the Ingalls Heart Health Navigator Program. During the consultation, the results will be explained as well as personal health risks and suggestions to improve heart health.

Worksite Prevention

In addition to the Worksite Wellness screening program, Ingalls also offers its Worksite Prevention program to educate employers and employees about on-the-job health risks. The Prevention program includes additional screening options designed to identify job demands and evaluate the fitness of job candidates.

The Ingalls Back School Program educates employees/employers in factors that can contribute to potential back injuries. The overall objective of Back School is to protect the worker from injury and protect the employer from avoidable costs. The program is held in a classroom style setting with a recommended class size of up to 20 participants. The class lasts one hour and the cost is $150/hour.

In this one-hour class, back injury prevention techniques are explored and explained with particular attention being paid to proper posture, stretching, and strengthening. Cost is $150/hour.

This program is intended to promote daily stretching prior to the start of each work shift to reduce the risk of chronic pain and injuries on the job. Regular daily stretching has been shown to aid in reducing the risk of injury as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. Supporting materials are developed based upon the company and include stretching pictures and other employee materials. The program cost is $150/hour.

Job site analysis can identify stressors/risk factors that could lead to potential injury. Job site analysis can help identify a problem job/area in which injuries have already occurred. Program costs are quoted based upon the number of jobs to be reviewed.

The purpose of Essential Function Screens (EFS) or Post Offer Screens is to evaluate potential job candidates' abilities to perform the job functions outlined in the job description. Taking a proactive approach to avoiding work related injuries can reduce the cost the company suffers from the loss of productivity. The screens are developed based upon the findings of the Job Demand Analysis findings. Program costs are quoted based upon the number of jobs to be reviewed.

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