Day Rehabilitation Program

At Ingalls

Located at the Ingalls Care Center in South Holland and the Ingalls Family Care Center in Flossmoor, the Day Rehabilitation program offers multidisciplinary treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation and support services in a patient-centered care environment. Treatment focuses on an individualized therapy program and utilizes diagnostic and therapeutic equipment such as HydroTrack aquatic therapy and the NeuroCom Balance Master.

The Day Rehabilitation treatment team is led by a physiatrist - a physician specifically trained and certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation - who coordinates rehabilitation treatment plans with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Other team members include the physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, care coordinator and neuropsychologist, who provides objective assessment of memory and thinking skills, using test results to plan and monitor rehabilitation and recovery of functional skills.

Upon request, transportation is available to patients who live within a 15-mile radius of the Day Rehab program location. There is a nominal fee for this service.

Drivers Rehabilitation

The drivers program is conducted by an occupational therapist and a certified driver instructor and consists of a clinical evaluation, as well as a behind-the-wheel evaluation. The client is assessed on basic driving skills in various traffic and road conditions and his/her ability to use adaptive equipment safely in the car.

A board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician is available on site.

For more information, call 708.915.4700.

Low Vision Program

Available through the Ingalls Care Center in South Holland, Ingalls Low Vision Program helps to make the most of a person's remaining vision, while fostering safety and independence for individuals in their own environments.

Depending on an individual's needs, the occupational therapists may perform a thorough evaluation of a person's home – particularly if the individual lives alone. Special equipment available to individuals with low vision includes hand magnifiers, magnifying eyeglasses and lamps, telescopic viewing devices and closed-circuit television (CCTV) to enlarge images, exaggerate contrasts and adjust magnification.

Most individuals who are referred to the Low Vision Program receive four to six weeks of therapy and support, and in most instances, the program is covered by Medicare.

For more information, call 708.915.4700.

Balance Re-education/Vestibular Program

For individuals suffering from disorders that affect their balance, Ingalls offers a Balance Re-education/Vestibular Program at the Ingalls Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation (ICOR) in Calumet City. The Balance and Vestibular Program consists of a computerized assessment and treatment system utilizing the NeuroCom Balance Master technology. Also included are a home exercise program; education on the causes of the individual's disorder, precautions and symptom control; and vestibular rehabilitation and balance retraining.

A board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician is available on site.

For more information, call 708.915.4700.

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