Balloon Sinus Dilation Now Offered In-Office at Ingalls Family Care Center in Flossmoor


(May, 2016)

Ear, nose and throat specialist Francis Hobson, M.D., is changing the way sinusitis is treated by  dramatically and instantly improving patient’s lives with a new in-office procedure. This innovation in the treatment of debilitating sinusitis symptoms is called balloon sinus dilation, a procedure that’s so simple and quick it can be done right in his office at the Ingalls Family Care Center in Flossmoor.

Office balloon sinus dilation is effective for treating patients diagnosed with recurrent or persistent sinusitis, a disease that impacts more than 37 million Americans annually. Performed under local anesthesia, balloon sinus dilation is a quick procedure that opens blocked sinus pathways by inserting and inflating a small balloon, which restores drainage and offers instant life-changing relief that lasts.

For many years, those who suffered from the pain, pressure and other symptoms of recurring and persisting sinus infections had two routes to relief:  (1) medication or (2) painful sinus surgery.  When medications don’t work and traditional sinus surgery is not a desirable option, what’s a patient to do?  

“We’re very excited to offer the balloon sinus dilation treatment and improve the lives of our patients so quickly and dramatically,” Dr. Hobson said. “We’ve treated many patients with this procedure in our office. Our patients are relieved of their symptoms immediately after the procedure, and many are back to their normal routine the next day.”

Studies show that after the procedure, patients experience less facial pain, use less antibiotics, make fewer visits to their doctor, and are better able to perform day-to-day activities at home and at work.

And in most cases, the patient is able to resume normal activities the day of the treatment.

Dr. Hobson can determine if your condition may benefit from office balloon sinus dilation and can help you understand the risks and benefits of this treatment. For more information, call his Flossmoor office at 708.798.0200 today!