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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), inactivity drives 40% of the cost of lifestyle-related chronic diseases. There is a direct causal chain between an individual’s lifestyle choices and the development of certain types of chronic disease. In addition to the initial wellness screenings, Ingalls Occupational Health Program offers a variety of services to employers to address the many healthcare issues facing their employees.

Wellness coaching provides participants with one-on-one opportunities to discuss their progress (6-month follow-up session) on achieving their optimal level of health and well-being. Achievable wellness goals can be determined and progress monitored on a 6-month or periodic basis. Cost: $75/hour.

Dermatologist Physician Assistant will answer questions on skin cancer awareness, give suggestions for sun damage prevention and educate employees about the dangers of exposure to the sun and artificial tanning booths. Cost: $125/hour, based upon physician availability (privacy room required).

Asthma screening is the most common method of measuring lung function, specifically the measurement of the amount (volume) and/or speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. Cost: Based upon the respiratory therapist on a per hour basis.

The massage therapist provides onsite 10-minute chair massages. Cost: $60/hour.

  • Flexibility Screening: The Athletic Trainer will provide the Sit and Reach Test which measures flexibility of the major joints of the back, hips and legs. Cost: $20 per person (12 – 15 per hour).
  • Balance Testing: The Athletic Trainer will provide a Balance test to evaluate skill. Cost: $20 per person (12-15 per hour).
  • Athletic Trainer Fitness Consultation: A one-half hour fitness consultation to determine goals and fitness program to help individual employees get headed in the right direction. Cost: $150/hour.
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    • Workout Smarter, Not Harder
    • Don't Let Your 1st Symptom Be Your Last – Are You At Risk for a Heart Attack?
    • Eating for a Healthier You
    • Cholesterol: Ways to Improve Your Levels
    • Spice Up Your Life – Tips to Lower Your Sodium
    • Make Fiber Your Friend
    • Belly Fat: Ways to Reduce Your Midsection
    • Yo-Yo Madness
    • Portion Distortion

    Cost: $100 per session.

    This program is executed by a Licensed Athletic Trainer usually over a six-to-eight week period. Program includes: weekly exercise goals, confidential weigh-in, body fat measurements, rewards for most steps walked, highest percentage of body fat lost and greatest weight loss. Individual tracking report to see progress and weekly tips provided. Measurements are done at the start, midpoint and conclusion of the program. A Dietician can also be scheduled midway through the program to provide support or a presentation. Cost: $100/hour.

    A 12-week interactive weight loss program conducted onsite by a registered dietician. Cost: $225 per person.

    An onsite program led by a trained facilitator consisting of eight 90-minute sessions presented over seven weeks. The program is also offered at Ingalls Wellness Center in Flossmoor. Cost: $800 plus $25 for each attendee’s workbook and relaxation CD.

    The individualized web-based program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Costs: Basic – Free; Premium - $15 for three months or $40 per year.

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