Expert Pediatric Care

At Ingalls

At Ingalls, pediatricians provide wellness and preventive primary care for newborns through age 17. They also treat acute trauma, major childhood diseases and provide care for more specialized conditions such as gastroenteritis, sickle cell anemia and respiratory diseases.

For parents' added piece of mind, in-house pediatric specialists are on-site at Ingalls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for children who are admitted through the Emergency Department, or for children who do not have a pediatrician of record. Ingalls has partnered with Family Christian Health Center, located on the campus of Ingalls Memorial Hospital, to bring this special service to our young patients. Pediatric hospitalists at Ingalls also attend high-risk deliveries and refer to specialists at the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital when necessary.

For children with suspected heart problems, Ingalls' innovative telemedicine program simultaneously transmits echocardiograms from Ingalls to pediatric cardiologists while saving valuable time in diagnosis.

Other services for children include:

  • KidFit Camp – Children's Weight Management Series

    Are you concerned about your child's health, nutrition or weight? Does your family need some education about making healthy food choices? Ingalls' KidFit Camp can help.

    Combining the efforts of a fitness expert, dietitian and psychologist, KidFit Camp is a unique, interactive weight management program designed to help nine- to 12-year-old children and their parents establish safe, healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. The program focuses on changing behaviors and building self-esteem, with an emphasis on achieving gradual weight loss and maintenance to ensure proper growth and development.

    During the informative sessions, kids and parents learn about healthy portion sizes, fats, sugars, calories and other terms that help them understand food labels. KidFit Camp also demonstrates ways to add activity to the day. For exercise, a personal fitness trainer suggests fun, easy exercise programs like adventure walks, team sports and independent play. Kids learn the fundamentals of physical fitness like muscle action, breathing techniques and proper form and how to set personal goals.

    KidFit Camp also helps families become more realistic about a child's weight, growth and development, and understand the role of exercise and fitness in achieving a healthy weight.

    KidFit Camp is offered periodically throughout the calendar year. Classes meet weekly for 8 weeks at the Ingalls Wellness Center, located at our Flossmoor location. A physician referral is required before enrolling, and at least one parent must attend every session.

    For more information or to register, call 708.915.8850.

  • Asthma Education Program

    Asthma makes breathing difficult for more than 23 million Americans, including seven million children.

    With staggering numbers like these, there's a good chance you or someone you know has been affected by this troubling respiratory condition.

    That's why the Ingalls Wellness Center has introduced a comprehensive Asthma Education Program. Following the guidelines of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute/National Asthma Education and Prevention Program, the Ingalls program focuses on asthma management and offers individualized sessions with a certified asthma educator.

    If you or someone you know has uncontrolled asthma, the Ingalls Asthma Education Program can help. A physician order is required, and the cost is reimbursed by most major commercial insurance plans, HMOs and Medicare.

    For more information, call Ingalls Care Connection at 1.800.221.CARE(2273).

  • Care for Premature or Ill Newborns

    Sometimes little patients face big challenges. That's why Ingalls Health System has partnered with specially trained neonatologists from the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital.

    Comprehensive neonatal care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all high-risk deliveries at Ingalls, including pre-term and cesarean births, and for all high-risk newborns, including those with breathing or heart complications, or sepsis.

    Highly skilled neonatologists attend all high-risk deliveries and perform assessment, resuscitation and stabilization measures as needed. In addition, they are available to consult with family practice, obstetrics and emergency physicians on the care of ill newborns (up to one month old) and provide regular care and treatment for newborns admitted to Ingalls Special Care Nursery.

    If a newborn requires additional care, transportation will be arranged to the neonatal intensive care unit at University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital or another nearby tertiary hospital.

  • Neonatology Services

    Ingalls is home to a Level II Nursery with Extended Neonatal Capabilities. This distinction recognizes the advanced monitoring equipment and technology used in our nursery and the special training our staff has completed in everything from ventilator support to how to care for high-risk newborns, ages 32 weeks and older.

    Infants cared for in the Level II nursery may need oxygen, monitoring for breathing difficulties, IVs or special medications, an incubator or other assistance to maintain their body temperature, or feeding assistance. Registered nurses who staff the nursery are specially trained in Level II care.